Sunday, 13 September 2015

Cat Bath

Help me please! What are these humans doing?

What a lovely hot weekend it has been so far, perfect time to wash the cats. Now who says cats can’t be bathed?

Little did the cats know that today was allocated to bathing, as you can see from Princess and Minky causally lying outside the bathroom while we prepared their bath. It was about then that we noticed that we were a little low on the cat shampoo and since we couldn’t use the dog’s shampoo, we had to limit the cat wash to only three cats.

First was Minky, as she being use to baths can show the others how it is done. She used to love water but now after the entire winter of no baths, she has forgotten what it was like to bath regularly. Even though she gave me this evil eye, she trusted me fully.

Wow what big eyes you have little Princess and what a lot of noise you made during your bath, it really upset Tiger who was next. Tiger tried to come into the bathroom to rescue his little Princess who as you can see by her big round eyes was really feeling undignified with her bath.

Of course Tiger being a big boy cat did not make a sound as we all know boys don’t cry.

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