Tuesday, 28 July 2015


When I was fresh out of the Army, I started working for the Natal Roads Department as a Pupil Industrial Technician, in other words a junior Civil Engineering Technician who still had to qualify. While there I had to work three months each in all the different units of the Natal Roads Department, units such as Survey, Bridge Design, Materials Laboratory, Drawing Room, Construction, and my favourite, the Road Safety Unit.

While in the Materials unit, doing all sorts of tests of different materials, there was a lady a few years older than me, a beautiful plain Jane type of women who intrigued me and made an impression on my young life. Her name for the life of me is gone from my aging mind. But none the less she was a wordsmith who loved words and over the thumping sounds the various soil and concrete tests, she had a new strange word for me every day. Thus the seed was planted and my love for words, grammar, and the source of words, grew even though I am dyslexic. Why oh why would they use a word, like dyslexia that is so difficult for a dyslexic person such as myself to pronounce correctly?

Math is eloquent, but the eloquence of words, well that was another story. Back in those days, my first word I learnt to proudly use in a sentence was Ominous, so with today’s photo taken of gorgeous flowers in the garden at work I would like to give you a Word for the Day: Defenestration, a noun meaning the act of throwing someone out of a window - I can’t wait to try this, maybe I should open the window first.

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