Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Feed Me

Coming home after a long but good productive day, I found the pets all waiting for their supper. First I put the bike away, then I put the oven on if I need to pre-heat it. Here is Kitty one of our cats telling me to hurry up and feed her.

So my home coming chores start outside, I feed dogs, check if they are all well and put their jerseys on. Then I call for Minky while staring to take the washing off the line, if there is any. Only then does the cats get fed, starting with the inside ones, then the outside ones, and finishing off with feeding the fish.

Now if I don’t have to make supper or to prepare any vegetables, I get to put my feet up at this point. Oh that is only after Kitty here is happy and full. Meouw!

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