Saturday, 13 June 2015

Crispy Rose

Tomorrow is my birthday but this is bad timing as Matthew has exams now and he can’t spend the weekend with me. Consolation prize is that I still get to spend time with him, that is why I picked him up last night and today after an awesome brain food lunch of sushi and more sushi, before he had to go back and study.

We ended back at Tataki at the Rietfontein Spar, Boksburg for their sushi buffet of eat as much as you can eat sushi. We haven’t been there for over a year and the proprietor was happy to see us again after such a long time. He used to create special sushi creations for us to try and if we loved it, he would include it in his sushi bar. Today he made special Crispy Rose sushi for us and beef and chicken dumplings. Yummy and the Crispy Rose is worth the try.

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