Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Peoples what next, Anglisisme strikes again. We will make the queen very happy with the Anglicisation of English words directly into Afrikaans or as the Afrikaners call it Anglisisme. Die Groen Chillie supposed to be Die Groen Rissie like televisie is supposed to be beeldradio. Anyway English may soon demise with the colonisation of the Chinese into Africa as it was announced not so long ago that Chinese will now be taught in South African schools. 绿辣椒 or lǜ làjiāo uhmmm it doesn’t feel the same as the Latin or Germanic root words.

For those who know me, will know I love words and languages but dare not pronounce them as I tend to slaughter them deliciously. My colleagues cringe when I try talk isiZulu or try pronounce a Xhosa word along with the right click. Must be my dyslexia, a disorder that I can’t even pronounce it in English. Hence when I found myself outside the Green Chilli, I was amazed by all the trinkets and arty stuff all over the place and of course the Anglisisme was not lost on me.

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