Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Hot Chocolate

Winter is coming, or so they keep saying but nothing comes. Here in South Africa, the air is starting to chill ever so closer to zero. We winterised the animals’ sleeping areas and have even thrown on a thicker winter duvets onto the beds.

This morning the New Media team managed to twist my arm and convince me that the smell of fresh percolated coffee would help get our Wednesday Catch-up meeting running more smoothly on this cool morning. So we ended up at the Mugg & Bean at President Hyper mall in Krugersdorp for our meeting.

And now for the hot chocolate which not surprising was the drink of choice for our meeting this morning. So here is hot chocolate Noma wondering which hot chocolate she should try next, Chocolate Chai, Red Velvet Chocolate, or the White Chocolate drinks. It was a hard choice but she chose the Chocolate Chai.

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