Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Elephant Black Powder

Arriving in the Slowveldt yesterday we were made aware that this used to be the frontier, where gold was found in dem hills. We spent the night at my parents place aka Matthew's grand parents, out in the forests covered hills surrounding Sabie.

Sitting with my feet up, expecting a prospector pulling a mule to come trudging past, as I eye out a tin of Elephant Black Powder on the shelf while sipping my sweet coffee with one eye closed. Black Powder, suitable for muskets, pistols, and shotguns.

My mom started baking bread at five this morning, and had a huge loaf packed and ready for Matthew and I as we started loading my Vespa for Day Two of our road trip. Uhmmm the hot fresh bread smelled delish and we struggled to hold ourselves back.

While packing the Vespa, we noticed that Scarlet, the name we call my red Vespa GTS 300ie Super, decided to become a male with a name change from Vespa to Vesp. Vesp means wasp in Italian and Vespa is the feminine version of Vesp. Oh dear we must have lost the "a" along the way yesterday. Scarlet must have thought that she now has a pair of manly bits after that long ride yesterday and doesn't need a feminine name. How about Scarface?

We left my folks and wound down along a scenic route towards Nelspruit through forest covered hills and windy mountain passes. We finally reached my sister's place by mid day where she had lunch ready for us. Matthew was only glad to be out of the saddle and with his cousins for a while.

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