Wednesday, 25 February 2015

I Love my Dogs

I love my dogs then why do I have a photo of a cat with this blog title? Well this cat is Minky who is a dog trapped inside a cat’s body just like Maxy my Italian Greyhound is a cat inside a dog’s body. When I come home from work my Italian Greyhounds along this Minky become all excited and rush to greet me. She is not like the other lazy excuses for cats who would care less who comes and goes as long as there is food put down regularly. Oh I can’t say lazy excuses, uhmmmm I suppose that is the nature of a cat, in-different.

They say that you own dogs but a cat owns you and Minky has my heart. Here is she is sprawling on my lap as I try to do work on my tablet. All I can say is that Minky loves me and I love my dogs.

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