Monday, 10 November 2014

Virus Gone Airborne

Last week Philip and Sandra from down the passage fell prey to a flu virus. Yesterday afternoon I felt that I too was coming down with something and by evening I was out for the count with some cold or flu bug.

This morning I had either to drag myself to a doctor or to work. So being a man I decided the latter being the wisest course of action for now unless it gets worse. Arriving at work I found out the Ella too came down with something last night. Darn, it looks like this virus has gone airborne and is spreading. After a few hours at work I felt even worse so I dragged myself off to the pharmacy for some self-medication and bed.

So now I am over dosed on Grippon, Coryx, and Linctagon-C, all I need is sleep and my body’s immune system should be capable to take care of this nasty piece of work.

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