Tuesday, 25 November 2014

To Bury a Hedgehog

It is sad to report that this morning while walking I discovered that a Southern African Hedgehog had electrocuted himself on our electric fence surrounding our home. This gruesome discovery has hit us hard because we love the wild country living but being in South Africa home security has to be a priority.

I found it strange that it got itself killed as there are places where it could get under the fence harmlessly but somehow chose a low area. I just hope that it wasn’t the relentless rain, an owl, or even one of our cats which could have confused the poor thing last night.

I have buried some pets such as cats and dogs in my lifetime and even flushed a few goldfish but I must say that this is a first time and I hope the last that I get to bury a hedgehog.So as we lay this poor little creature down to sleep, Matthew, still half asleep and I stood over the tiny grave we dug in the breaking light of the new day.

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