Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Inspired Daisy

After over indulging on good food and wine last night. I slept in a bad position which put my damaged knee under pressure. My knee problem started way back when I spent 2 years in the army under the Conscription draft. I was in the mounted light infantry using horses to patrol. My knees took a pounding due to the long hours in the saddle and to the consistence kicking and biting of the horses while riding in formation. After stepping down after a long patrol, my knees used to collapse until the knees remembered to carry me.

This morning I could hardly walk so I got back in the saddle of my Vespa, and rode to work. Imagine seen a big man on a bright coloured Vespa riding in the traffic with crutches. Under excruciating pain, Ella gave me some Cataflam and within an half an hour I was right as rain.

Talking about rain, this afternoon we had a small thunder storm and after the rain, I browsed through the gardens looking for inspiration. It was here that I spotted the daisies’ covered in water droplets.

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Anonymous said...

Ag, shame about your knees nephew!. I love the picture of the daisey. They are my favorite. They sure do give one inspirations!

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