Saturday, 11 October 2014


This weekend is Rage, the computer and gaming expo held annually and that is where Matthew is spending the whole day. Yes that is him taken of for the day as this is his last weekend before the school holidays end, while I start looking for a new home.

Yes, on the home front, while trying to address our issues with the landlord we only got a termination of our lease slapped into our faces with his words “I am doing you a favour”. Yeah right, it now looks like that he wanted us out in the first place as he squeezes more people onto the property. So now we are defiantly back in the market for a new home.

Anyway tomorrow is Robynne’s birthday which I believe she is going to be 27 years old. We joined them for pizza at Picolinos to celebrate this evening. With all that has being going on lately in my life, I forgot my camera at home, oh well the trusty cellphone camera has to suffice.

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