Thursday, 2 October 2014

Fiú dá siúlfainn i ngleann an dorchadais

I had a strange day today which because of the sensitive nature I can’t indulge much, all I can say is forget the sprinkling of fairy dust we have muti dust. Although I am now tempted to take baby powder to work today which will freak some people out, I will have to leave it up to God. There is a spiritual war out there folks, all around us, and my European culture sometimes is oblivious to understanding of the traditional African belief system which is peppered with Christendom. I pray for discernment as I walk through the valley of darkness knowing that God is holding my hand and his angels all around me, protecting. Have no fear for the war has already been won!

Fiú dá siúlfainn i ngleann an dorchadais, níor bhaol liom an t‑olc agus tú faram le do shlat is do bhachall chun sólás a thabhairt dom.

Okay I am getting distracted, today’s photograph is nothing about the dark day I’ve had but it is a pink distraction of sorts, yes I mean this is only a fraction of the pink stuff found on Ella’s desk. She must be tickled pink as I feared.

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