Friday, 8 August 2014

Working in Dust

Yesterday I was called home to allow the thatches into my home so that they can trim the inside. Today after discussing with the powers that be at work, I stayed at home to make sure there would be no excuse not to come into the house and do the work.

While I worked remotely dust drifted down from the roof as the thatches proceeded to attempt to finish the work before the rains come which is predicted tomorrow. But alas due to no supervision by the landlord, too much talking and not much thatching being done, it is still not finished.

With rain on the way, I had to step in and organise canvas to be brought in so that the thatches could cover up and protect my home. With that I had to leave for Benoni to fetch Matthew. This is how they left my home. Sigh! They had enough canvas and sheeting to cover the entire home and tonight we have arranged to sleep here. So with a nearly full moon shining over our beds, good night.

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