Saturday, 16 August 2014

Steampunk Jerome

So how is this fashion statement, steampunk!

Or maybe I am not looking so good. This reminds of Van Der Merwe who saw a horse for sale from a local farmer for an unbelievable price. After looking at the horse Van couldn’t believe the bargain, so he asked the farmer, “Why is this horse going this cheap?” the farmer answered, “She doesn’t look so good.” The horse looked fine to Van, so he bought the horse. The next day after riding into a tree, Van angrily returned to the farmer accusing him of selling him a blind horse. The farmer simply shrugged and responded to a livid Van, “I told you, she doesn’t look so good.”

That is how I feel this morning, trying on this bohemian looking contraption to test my eyes. I told you I don’t look so good but these steampunk glasses are just the answer I need.

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