Monday, 11 August 2014

Monday Induction

Day 8 and still no roof. The landlord phoned today and said that they will be finished today on the outside. Tomorrow they will be trimming the inside. He says that the thatches have done a okay job. I admire his optimism but I really don't think the thatches have done a good job and I am positive at the first serious rains the roof will leak. After telling the landlord this he said that he will leak test it tomorrow with a hose pipe. I am gob smacked and have no more words to say.

Well it is so good to be back at work and away from my home. We must not let Mondays get the better of us but we must make Mondays afraid of us. I hit this Monday running with the company blog that needed to get out like right now and then I ran straight into a speed bump. This road hazard came in a form of an Induction course run by HR which took the whole morning out of my already busy day. Oh well, Monday does as Monday wants. Remember don't hate Monday. Make Monday hate you. Next!

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