Friday, 15 November 2013

How to Eat a Gourmet Burger?

How do you eat a Gourmet Burger? Some might say with a knife and fork, or some will say you're your hands. Well the answer is with difficulty.

Lunch at Dukes Burgers in Greenside was chosen for our National Positions' team building. Dukes looked small from the front, inside you start getting disorientated with all the nooks and crannies but once you get your bearings of all the alcoves, you quickly settle down to Duke’s quirkiness.

The beef, lamb and ostrich burgers on the menu all looked great along with their quirky names to match the décor and I wasn't quite sure which one to choose. In the end I chose a Wagyu Burger made from the famous Wagyu beef from the Kobe region of Japan and I wasn't disappointed. Although the burger on the whole was a little dry but the 200g patty was very tasty, uhmm.

Back to the question of how do you eat a gourmet burger. Well it is all preference as I used my knife and fork but Bakang, shown above, showed us how to get down and messy with a gourmet burger.

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