Saturday, 16 November 2013

Caught in the Headlights

To celebrate Ingress’ first birthday, the Resistance in Gauteng organised a Kansas City Shuffle by staging two operations, the first, Irresistible started on Friday. The Irresistible was aimed at helping the lower level Resistance players level up but had a hidden agenda of getting the operation leaked to the Enlightened so that they could be distracted in the Kansas City Shuffle and hopefully use up all their resources. For those who don't know what a Kansas City Shuffle is, it is when everyone else moves right, you move left.

The Enlightened in Gauteng who had found out about first operation fell for the Kansas City Shuffle, and built up mega fields from Livingstone in Zambia to Saldanha Bay, to Port Elizabeth to Durban to Maputo. All to stop the Resistance levelling up. Impressive but what the Enlightened didn't know was the second operation which was the Kansas City Shuffle. Of course before the second operation started, the Enlightened mega fields were swiftly taken down.

Unight8 involved 58 countries around the world with lots of teams of Level 8 players starting at midnight to make as many L8 portals before the Enlightened woke up and smelt the coffee. I left home last night at 11pm and joined 9 other Level 8 players in the Johannesburg West Rand and at midnight kicked off our part of the Unight8 operation. This early morning photograph shows part of the Unight8 JHB West team. By 4am we had 67 Level 8 portals in West.

From what Krow reported in total the 3 teams in Gauteng created 192 Level 8 portals which meant that the Kansas City Shuffle was a tremendous success. The cherry on top is that the Resistance deployed layered mega fields of their own this afternoon. I can see that the Force is strong in the Resistance Gauteng. Reports coming in worldwide is that more than 30,000 Level 8 portals were created leaving the Enlightened still napping.

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