Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Pick n Pay Inspired O Hel You

I had to pop into the mall over lunch to restock the home for the week. I always dread going to the Pick n Pay at Norwood Mall as the queues are forever long and the staff always surly. After buying a few things I joined the long queue for the under 10 items only and that is when my eye caught the embroidery on the bib of a Pick n Pay employee. What supposed to be "Inspired to help you" was changed to "Inspired O Hel You". It seems Pick n Pay's inflated costs are not all Pick n Pay's problems as a looming retrenchment are on the cards. Now I ask will their service get worse because of less staff? High prices and unsatisfied staff with dreadful service, inspired, hell no Pick n Pay.

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Debageo Italian Greyhounds said...

Couldn't agree more- i used to shop at Norwood every week; but the experience for all the reasons you mention mad it become unbearable _ i now travel to Eastgate Checkers _ wat a pleasure!
Unfortunately we do still have to get bread from Woodmead P+P but i have to say it is scarcely an improvement - 9 times out of 10 there is some issue at the till....My son Michael did however have a truly brilliant brainwave _ can you imagine if the checkout people were remunerated commission-based according to the number of items they actually ring through _ would be an interesting experiment !

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