Saturday, 20 July 2013

Clement's Rhino

I wasn’t sure what to expect from The World of Dogs and Cats exhibition but I found Clement Mkhize, shown here painting a life size Black Rhinoceros. Clement who hails from Zimbabwe, is part of a group of artists who paint ceramic rhinos for My Rhino.

Last year 2012, in South Africa alone 668 rhinos were slaughtered for the Vietnamese and their puppet master, the Chinese. How many rhinos does it take to make them feel like men? As I write this the South African Department of Environmental Affairs has reported 480 rhinos have been killed in 2013 so far. This has to stop, do you hear you boys with little dicks! Rhinos can not help make you a man!

Now you too can own your own painted ceramic rhino by ordering yours on My Rhino and SAY NO TO RHINO HORN. NÓI KHÔNG VỚI SỪNG TÊ GIÁC.

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