Thursday, 23 May 2013

Sculpture Courtyard

Yesterday I had my first two Ingress portals approved but they were slightly out of the way. Today my third portal came on line, this time at the Johannesburg Art Gallery, not too far for a lunchtime excursion.

So began my lunchtime JAG excursion. The area around the JAG is Joubert Park which has become the long drop of the drugged and drunk layabouts. It is the perfect place to farm some portals. I took the opportunity to submit some more portals to be approved. One of them is the courtyard in the middle of the JAG complex that is full of statues. Not the best but this Sculpture Courtyard photo was taken with my cellphone which was used to submit the portal.

I had to tear myself away as my lunchtime is only so long. It is hard to imagine such beauty here in the middle of such poverty but the JAG is a must visit of every Johannesburger. See my photos from the JAG taken over two years ago.

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