Sunday, 28 April 2013


Finally the day has arrived, after we started planning a few years back while conquering Sani Pass in the middle of winter; we rode into Baviaanskloof on Vespas. Marlene on a 1979 Vespa P150X called Matilda and me on Anastasiya my reborn Vespa ET4.

After a stop at Kouga Dam we rode into the wilderness. At first the road into Baviaanskloof didn't seem so bad but the further we rode away from civilisation the worse the road became. After seeing a warning notice informing travellers to be aware of dangerous animals, I started wondering what sort of dangerous animals we might encounter. And must I stay inside the car; oh I am on a Vespa. Now there must be leopard around but surely no lions, that is when I started seeing elephant dung along the road and as we came across fresh warm elephant dung was deposited not even an hour before did I became nervous. The rest of this story will only be told round a camp fire, to protect the innocent involved. Okay with that out of the way, we were surely in the wilderness with hardly anyone around and where no one can hear you scream.

The famous Baviaanskloof river crossings at first wasn't very deep and we easily waded through them on the Vespas but they soon got quite deep in some places and the electronic parts of got a little damp. After a few blows of the hair dryer, we were on our way again. Let it be known that the two Vespas, Matilda and Anastasiya tamed the wilderness area of Baviaanskloof. Now to plan our next adventure.

Yes as we sit around the local famer Pieter and Magriet's dinner table at Zandvlakte, we eagerly chatted about our adventures past and of things to come while we hungrily tucked into some homemade boere kos. And as I write this post under a canopy of wilderness stars, it's quiet here in Baviaanskloof. It's lekker.

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