Sunday, 27 January 2013


It was a joyous occasion to see my friends from Canada. I better not say it any more but from right to left are the first class Canadian family Suzanne, Nic, Nika and Aidon. I wish I could have spent more time catching up with them but I had to rush after my BBC duties.

But the joy was short lived as Matthew is still in hospital. The doctor told me that they sent Matthew’s blood for testing for deep epilepsy and thyroid problems. I never heard of deep epilepsy but he told me that the seizures associated with epilepsy are not shown but the sufferer has blackouts and are sometimes not even aware of them. Also they pick up a hyper ectopic heart beat which has pointed the doctors towards thyroid issues. The doctor said that the thyroid issues are genetic and was also very interested in my mom's thyroid problems and my sister’s recent Hashimoto's Disease. Oh dear it doesn't sound good.

Keep praying. The blood results should be out tomorrow.

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