Friday, 10 August 2012

Welcome Home

Last night Maxy was not able to keep his food down and when I fetched him this afternoon from Candice, our vet, he still hadn't made a stool. We arrived home and all the dogs gave Maxy a wonderful welcome. He was like a rock star being mugged by his groupies. The long lost son coming home. They were running around in circles. Watching my dogs play like there was no tomorrow, made my mind wander back to when I was a child living in a town called Kokstad , playing bare feet in the dust without a care in the world. My kingdom was this large veld with a stream running through. I wish I was still a child with dreams that come true. BAM back to earth, dreams that come true, sigh!

Under strict instructions from Candice, Maxy is on a bland feeding regime, so I put a pot of rice on the boil and afterwards shredded some white meat from a roast chicken into the rice. He is only allowed small portions at a time so his tummy can get used to solids. Dinner time, Maxy! Oh he was so hungry but I had to discipline myself and not give him any more. Then came Maxy's little surprise for me.

Maxy left a lovely parcel for me. Thankfully a solid stool, it was a very dark black stool with a tinge of deep red. And oh did it stink. But I was so relieved that it was solid, that I phoned Candice straight away with the good news. You don't know how wonderful to find a solid stool from Maxy. For the first time since Monday, I am looking forward to a good night sleep.

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