Friday, 17 August 2012

The Old Ticker

You won't believe it if I said that this photograph is of Sophia's piston and engine head. I popped down to Vespa to get Anastasiya washed for this weekend's breakfast runs and also to go through all the remaining parts of Anna, the original LX150. And there in the box was Sophia's old engine parts that where replaced by Anna's. The first shock was the gigantic hole in the piston; the second is all the damage marks on the piston and engine head done by the valve. It was a shocker that Sophia ended this way so I gave her up for music and the free electric band. Oooh that I better get that music out of my head. 'Cos all I need is music and with the free spirit of Sophia we will ride like the wind, Anastasiya and I.

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