Monday, 27 August 2012

My Sick Canon

Just two months old, my Canon PowerShot S100 has been worthy of all the praise that I've been reading on the internet. That was until yesterday. There was a beautiful African sunset and this Acacia thorntree between me and the setting sun. A perfect photo, so I pulled out my S100 camera and... and nothing. It wouldn't switch on. I had just charged the battery on Saturday morning for the Barking Mad dog walk, oh well, a missed opportunity. So when I got home last night, I charged the battery and put it back into the camera and still nothing. The S100 would not switch on.

A few days before, I noticed what looked like dust inside the sealed lens. Could this dust be the problem? There was that service notice by Canon in July for a lens issues but my serial number did not match the list of problem cameras. But still under warranty I took my up to then awesome camera into the Canon Service Centre at Camera Tek in Randburg and handed it over to Lerato (shown above using my trusty Canon 550D). Let's hope whatever the problem is, it will be sorted under warranty including the possible dust issue so I can go back to using this awesome camera.

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