Sunday, 1 July 2012


Matthew had so much fun with my new Canon PowerShot S100 camera this weekend that I had to pry it out of his fingers when I dropped him off. Going through all his photographs this evening, it was this one which jumped out at me and reminded me of a church service that will never be forgotten in Bekkersdal up there in the Groot Marico District. It was the Sunday when Reverent Welthagen announced that we will now sing Psalm 119. Now everyone knows the Psalm given out has 176 verses and without indicating which verses to be sung the Reverent Welthagen took a firm grip on the pulpit and allowed his head to sink forward onto his chest. It was the Nagnalwyn (Communion wine) which came to the rescue of the poor organist and later a few of the elders at what is now known as the Bekkersdal Marathon. Amen.

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Andre said...

One of my favorite stories! Kids want me to read t Ver and over again!

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