Saturday, 21 July 2012

Jade's Photobomb

The weather this weekend in Johannesburg so far has been wonderful. Nippy at night but warm during the day, this is what Johannesburg winter is all about. As usual weekends for me, means that taking the dogs for long walks at one of the many dog parks around us is a must. Just to start off we have the bottom of my garden, Delta Park, Emmerentia Dam, Golden Harvest, Kingfisher Park, Sandton Field and Study, and Walkhaven to choose from.

Last week we were at Emmerentia so it was Kingfisher for today's walk. It was so nice just getting out walking with the dogs in the winter sun. Here I was trying to photograph Skye, my Whippet puppy when Jade, my youngest Italian Greyhound, wanted all my attention for herself so she photobombed by popping up in front of the camera. Don't look so innocent Jade.

1 comment:

Jane Hoskyn said...

So lucky - no fenced parks that allow dogs here :-(
Iggy + unfenced = scary + hectic!

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