Saturday, 2 June 2012

Winter Dawn

I was up at the most ungodly hour this morning. Even the gravity had sensibly doubled around my bed but a few minutes after four, I managed to dragged myself up and was on my way to Emmarentia Dam near Greenside by five. Along the way I stopped at a service station for a large café late and arrived at Emmarentia in the dark.

About twenty Joburg Photowalkers started arriving about the same time as I did and soon we were on our way to get to find a perfect spot to catch the winter sunrise over the dam. While we were waiting for the sun to grant us a guest appearance, a lone canonist paddled by. Thanks for modeling. Much later after the sun had risen well above the horizon, we all took a walk through the golden leaves of the autumn kissed forest. I posted some more photos on my Facebook album A Winter's Day for you to enjoy.

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2Summers said...

Beautiful. So sorry I missed this.

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