Tuesday, 20 March 2012

La Campagnola Ristorante

One of our big bosses from Los Angeles, Bernard, came over to South Africa for a family visit and at the same time visit our regional office here in Johannesburg. This evening our company had booked a table at La Campagnola, a top Italian restaurant in Bryanston. We arrived there early and sat outside in the lovely courtyard having drinks.

We could have stayed out in the courtyard all evening but our tummies were starting to rumble. So we moved to our table at the back overlooking the new Hobart Centre. We had a wonderful time, good company, good food but I am afraid that the restaurant's timings leave a lot to be desired. For example I had already finished my fillet by the time my vegetables arrived. And I won't mention the coffees coming at different times. I am not sure how they got it so wrong as there were plenty of staff rushing around. Maybe I watch too much Ramsay's Nightmare Kitchens. Anyway my fillet was cooked perfectly which all about made up for the vegetables not arriving on time.

Oh how can I forget the two bottles of wonderful Grand Vin Du Chateau Bernadotte 2002 Haut Médoc, uhmmm. It was a wonderful Johannesburg summer evening and the temperature was perfect for being out on the town with our guest from LA.

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