Sunday, 12 February 2012

Taxi in the Jukskei

Waking up this morning to news of Whitney Houston's untimely death on the radio wasn't the best wake up news to receive on a Sunday morning but the weather looked good, so Matthew and I headed out to BBC. We didn't get far when we saw crowds of onlookers at the Jukskei River bridge. Curious, we stopped to see what the commotion was and were greeted with this sight in the photograph above.

A mini bus taxi had left the road, went through the bridge railings and landed in the Jukskei River below. From what I could gather this happened yesterday, possibly in early evening as we saw nothing when we went past here about 6pm. The side windows look like they have been broken post accident, possibly to pull the survivors out. There has been nothing in the local news so they must have been no or few fatalities.

Mini bus taxis are notorious for getting into accidents in South Africa so it is common to see them been involved in accidents but seldom do we see them trying to swim. Later on in the afternoon, there was another mini bus taxi parked on the banks with a number of young men standing on the banks drinking. I wondered if they were opportunists trying to salvage what they can from the wreck for their taxi.

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