Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Italian Greyhounds and a Whippet

Yesterday Erika asked if I could photograph my latest addition, Skye a Whippet puppy together with my three Italian Greyhounds. Well this is my first attempt. First of all I had the wrong lens on and secondly trying to keep four sight hounds still in one place was near impossible. Remembering that Erika suggested that I put a cookie on the camera worked like a charm, well I didn't use a cookie but their favourite treat, Wests Beeno Rollies. Now next time I have to get them sitting together out of their basket and with the correct lens on. In the meanwhile this photo will have to do.

Skye can now get up and down my steep stairs with ease. It is a sight, seeing him jump down a stair at a time with the weight of his rear nearly tipping him head over heels every jump. Climbing back up is a mission but he tackles it now with as much gusto as an mountaineer climbing Kilimanjaro has. Skye loves to play and one of his favourite targets is Maxy's wagging tail, much to his irritation. Maxy sometimes joins Skye in typical greyhound play but tends to get a little rough with Skye who then darts to cover. Jade accepts Skye but play is not her forte, she is more a love and cuddle type of dog. Patch allows Skye cuddle up to him at night whereas Maxy would move away.

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