Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sixteen days to go

With only one week to go until the workers break for the Christmas holidays and 16 shopping days left until Jesus' birthday, it has become all rush to get things finished before the break. The question I am starting to ask is what is all the fuss about? Lots of parties and death on our roads? It looks like the world has forgotten what Christmas is all about.

Next week I have been asked to be Santa at an orphanage in Edenvale. It must have been my girth that gave me away as a secret Santa but how can I turn that down. This is the time to give some love to someone else that is not expecting it, someone that can't afford what our Christmas has become but know what the true meaning of Christmas is. 

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Petunia said...

Beautiful post Jerome - I agree with you what is the fuss all about?
This Christmas I want to remember why I celebrate.

You make a good father Christmas:)

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