Monday, 3 October 2011

No electricity

Last night was quite a serious storm with torrential rain, hail and even a tornado that touched down in Duduza on the East Rand. I arrived home last night and found that our electricity was knocked out. The electricity was only reconnected this afternoon. I could not do any work because no electricity means no computer.

Uhmmm, something to do to keep Matthew busy was needed. So we devised a game which I name a street and Matthew finds it on the map and with him as the navigator we physically drive there. So I named Jerome Road and Matthew found one in Pretoria, so with him navigating we drove north. After finding the place I realized that we were near my cousin’s home so we popped in for an impromptu visit of my aunt Rene who lives there. It was a pleasant visit and by the time we got back to Johannesburg, electricity was back on and I could do some work.

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