Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Philimpilo, you try get to say this word correctly because I battled. Philimpilo Pee Lim Pee Lo there we go Philimpilo. I can't even say the word dyslexic properly and they had to go choose the hardest word to describe someone who suffers from dyslexia. Philimpilo is a Christian nonprofit organization focusing on the healing and mental health in vulnerable communities. The name is the combination of two Zulu words Phila (live, be alive, living) and Impilo (life) in other words Live Life. Today has been one of those days where time has simply run out, as if life and time weren't on the same wave length.

It started by me heading for my bank in Fourways to sort out a problem which for over an hour couldn't sort it out only to find that the card division was down. The first waste of time but I needed to catch up so off to Multichoice to sort their problem out. Thankfully they were quick and professional. Good I was back on track. I then headed for Cell C Fourways and they battled for a very long time trying to get me more data. At least the watermelon smells coming from their aircon unit calmed me down enough to meet my client Philimpilo without sweat. Nothing like living life to the second.

After that it was off to PRO Designs to help on a website, it was here that I managed to get time to take a photograph before retiring home.

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