Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Oh Sassette

Maybe Sassette, my blue pickup, is trying to get me back because I haven't washed her for nearly a month now. With all the bronchitis and pneumonia, then my contracting ending and the Sani Pass Vespa Adventure, I neglected Sassette. This morning when I jumped into Sassette, she would not start. The starter made this funny ticking sound. Edmund and I didn't think it was the battery because the starter still turned. Much later we took Sassette, well Edmund had to push and I had to remember to turn the key on, to his dad who knew a lot more than we did. One turn of the key and Edmund dad said it is a flat battery. Our bad. Anyway the cause of the problem was that the belt turning the alternator which charges the battery was too lose and didn't charge the battery. With just a turn of a bolt, Sassette was right as rain.

Arriving at home, to celebrate I cooked some capellini and tossed in some romanitas, sun dried tomatoes and onions. With a glass of Tinta Chocolat red wine, sitting down to dinner alone was relaxing because I knew that Sassette still cares even though I neglected her.

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