Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Secret Exhaust of Adrian

There is a distinct chill in Johannesburg's air today after the cold front passed but the chill shouldn't last too long as the winter days in Johannesburg are wonderful. It was a perfect day to stay at home and do work. Other than popping into the office to pick up more work, I got my Samsung Android phone's software upgraded from 1.5 to 2.6. This means I can now have the WhatsApp which I could not before. My old Android phone is like a completely new beast, it will take getting used to.

Later on this evening I went to a strategy meeting at PRO Designs with Adrian, shown above, and some other influential people. The outcome was positive with good future potentials. Disaster struck when we were all leaving, Adrian exhaust broke on his BMW which was a bummer but these things happen when you least expect it. Anyway the only thing that we could do was take the exhaust's tail piece off and limp Adrian's now very noisy car home with the exhaust sticking out the back window.


Mariposa said...

you friend's got nice hair :D

Zill said...

Thanks! My wife also like my hair!

As for you Jerry Berry: thanks again buddy!

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