Monday, 21 March 2011

eCliptic or Klepto (mania)

What a lovely day today has been, right in the middle of a long weekend nogal. The weather started off great so off to BBC I went on Sophia and on the way back stopped off at one of my best supermarkets, Pink 'n Pay on Nicol, to buy some strawberries, blueberries and real lemon for my pink drinks later. Keep it real Jerome, keep it real.

In the afternoon Peter and Debs invited their friends over for a braai, I included. It was great just being with friends in the garden braaing. We just managed to finish the meat when the heavens opened up. So in their entertainment area we got stuck into making Pedros with many strange and wonderful ingredients. It went from heavy rain to light hail but just refreshing.

Craig and I had to leave early because we had a dinner party to go to at Nicky and Camilla’s home. I wanted to get there at my early always on time self but the others had to restrain me. I am learning as I am going :-) Wow Nicky and Camilla did an awesome job of preparing and we had a wonderful time. The conversation was great. It went from food to books easily. We even went to discuss the word of the day which today is Ecliptic which I should have known as it is part math but I am sure I heard Kleptic instead which lead me to think of mania. Maybe it was a silent "e". It only goes to show, good food and good company makes for a perfect evening.

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