Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Marlboro or Jack

It makes no difference where you stand as long as you stand for something or sit as in this case. Let us gets some debate going, don’t get me wrong I think the Gautrain is a great system, long overdue but is it for a select few? At Marlboro Station there is a clear cut line between the poor neighbouring suburb of Alexander and the station. I wondered as I entered the clean, secure premises of Marlboro Station, how many staying in those match box houses actually use the Gautrain. A few are benefiting job wise but how many risk their lives daily commuting by informal taxis, staring at the golden train. With the new toll gates coming in to play this may change yet again the perception of the train. So where do you stand in regard with the Gautrain? My loaded question I’m asking is this, is the Gautrain a public or a private transport system?

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