Saturday, 4 September 2010

7% Never!! 8.6 For Ever

With the public servants strike about to enter its fourth week, a group from BBC members planned to go to Helen Joseph Hospital to help out because it is the patients who are suffering the most in the strike. But on Friday the call went in the media that the Charlotte Maxeke Hospital desperately needed volunteers to help clean and feed in the pediatric ward. So we decided to go there instead.

Once arriving in force this afternoon we found already volunteers working and after asking around found that the other wards did not need us. So off we went to help out at Helen Joseph as per our original plan. The hospital staff split us up into smaller groups took us to the areas in need. Our group started with delivering the meals to the wards. Afterwards the kitchen group split into even smaller groups with our group sweeping the car park while the others mopped the wards.

While picking up the leaves I came across this protest sign. Although I am not sure why the striking nurses are asking POPCRU (the police union) where their loyalty is. Yes before you ask we have unions for the nurses, police and even the army. Posted the rest of the days photos on my Facebook page.

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