Monday, 30 August 2010

Playing the Blues on strings of light

On Saturday afternoon I took a number of amateur and professional photographers into the Blue Room. The best part was to see all their expressions on their faces as they walked into this disused concourse with all its marble and red brick décor – Priceless. This morning I popped back into the Blue Room to make sure that the keys were returned and I saw these seven beams of light piercing the tavernous space that I had to capture it but all I had on me was my cellphone.

"You don't make art by capturing an image on paper, or canvas, or in stone. You don't make it by writing down stories and poems. Music and dance come closest to what real art is but only so long as you don't try to record or film it. Musical notation is only so much as dead ink on paper. Choreography is planning, not art."

"You can only make art by setting it free."


Mariposa said...

ray of hope :)

Project said...

Wow Jerome, I'm really intrigued by your blogs and I'm more motivated now to do photography than ever before. I'll probably join your team of armature photographers once i know how to operate my cam. Looking forward to it.


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