Sunday, 4 July 2010

Saskia's bloed is Oranje

I don't have a high opinion about soccer with all the cheating and acting that is accepted in the sport. How can Suarez be so proud of what he did? "I am the new hand of God", more likely the hand of the devil. And the Uruguayan coach who supports him stating that he did it for the team. Bloody Agents! I now know how England feels when they think about Diablo Maradona because we now have Diablo Suarez. But in South Africa we rugby lovers have to support the soccer boys who are playing here in the good RSA. Saskia whose family originates from the Netherlands is fully behind the orange boys. I have no feelings for the boys from south america because they are the biggest cheaters out there. Germany is playing with German precision while the Dutch are playing with pride.


Mariposa said...

Unfortunately there were dirty play from the Oranje team during the finals as well.
Have a good week!

Jerome West said...

It was a pity. The media here in SA are calling them the Dirty Dutch. Well time to change my allegiance to Spain . Ole Espana

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