Monday, 19 July 2010

Armoured Casper on Rails

On my visit to the Braamfontein Training Centre I popped my head into the shed where I saw three run down armoured train units, a Funkey, Likkewaan and a Casper. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Casper had been refurbished and was looking good even inside. I asked someone about the refurbishment and they think that it was done for the soccer world cup. Interesting thought! The other two armoured units are still in the disused state when I last saw them.


Anonymous said...


Do you have more photographs of your visit to the shed. I manufacture HO scale models and I am very keen to model these odd looking vehicles.

Adrian Hill

bokjock said...

Hi Jerome. I was one of only a dozen drivers trained to drive this armoured car, which is in fact not a Casper, but a "Padda". It was developed for use in 1979 by the South African Railways Police (amalgamated into the SAP in 1986), and originally had road wheels as well as railway bogies. The road wheels were eventually removed due to hydraulic problems, and only the railway bogies remained. The one pictured was known as "Chris", after its inventor, Chris van der Merwe, if memory serves me. There is only one other, named Kobus, after Kobus Loubscher, the Minister of Transport at the time, and this is displayed as a museum piece outside Windhoek Train Station.

It has been many years since I laid eyes on either Chris or Kobus, and would appreciate if you had any high resolution images you could share with me of Chris? My email address is

Many thanks in anticipation.



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