Saturday, 19 September 2009

Klein Jukskei

This afternoon I took the boys to the small river that runs near us, the Klein Jukskei River. Matthew and the Italian Greyhounds loved exploring along the river bank while I enjoyed looking at all the lovely decks built overlooking the river. The word klein means small in Afrikaans which rightly means that there is a bigger Jukskei river. This smaller river runs into the Jukskei River about 11km downstream where this photo was taken. Now there is only one word which you may not know that is the Afrikaans word Jukskei. This is an Afrikaans folk sport that originated about 250 years ago in the Cape and become popular during the Great Trek in the early 1800s. Skei is the pins used in the yokes that were attached to their cattle to pull wagons. A peg is planted into the ground and the object is to try throwing your skei to knock over the peg.

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