Saturday, 29 April 2017

Lusito Dust Bowl

This year the Lusito Land festival moved to a new venue which turned out to be a dust bowl of well just dust. Lusito Land is a the Portuguese community in South Africa’s festival which has been going for the last 35 years and this year it was moved to a supposedly improved venue. Sorry to say what was improved other than lots and lots of dust and traffic problems. The queues into and out of this new venue was ghastly. Defiantly not a repeat.

The good news is that the proceeds of this festival goes to a good cause, so Portuguese, Madeiran, and Mozambican comfort food with lots of drinks flowing were the order of the day. But then there is the Steve Hofmeyr, okay please tell me with tears in my eyes what has this controversial Afrikaans signer has to do with the Portuguese community? What?

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