Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Last year I got a stone chip in my windscreen of my pickup. My insurance at the time got PG Glass to replaced it but I had to pay a huge excess higher than the cost of the actual glass. Since I didn’t use the pickup often it was parked in the garage and the next time I used it I noticed another crack this time in a place that a stone could not simply hit. I took it back to PG Glass but they said that a stone caused it and would not replace it at their cost. To cut a long story short, I was angry and changed insurance company just because of the access and PG Glass’ attitude.

The new insurance arranged the Autoboys to come and see to my new windscreen. Here is Andries and Joseph finishing off on the installation. I asked them for their expert advice about the crack in the windscreen which looked like a stone chip but without any marks on the surface on both sides. After inspecting the old windscreen, they showed me the point on the edge of the glass where the glass first got damaged. This was in the ceramic portion under the rubber; no way could a stone have done that. I feel vindicated, that it wasn’t my fault but the PG Glass’ installers.

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