Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Unlikely Tourists

While I have been many times to Vilakazi Street, a tourist trap in Soweto with guests wanting to see the house still behind bars, 8115 Vilakazi Street Orlando West Soweto. The unlikely tourists were Viandre and Velile with me as tour guide. Oh dear I am sure Just Vel will have something to say about him being a tourist in his own back yard, at least he was impressed with my knowledge of the historic places here, thanks to my time spent as a Joburg Photowalker.

Do you know that Veilie still hasn’t even being to the Kliptown Youth Centre in the middle of the Kliptown squatter camp or to be more PC the informal settlement at Kliptown. What a bunch of unlikely tourists we are. Oh and above is a photo of our traditional lunch of a kota bought from a local spaza shop just to prove that we have what it takes except for any smileys.

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