Sunday, 12 March 2017

Bee Wash

We usually take Lynda’s car to The Car Wash in Honeydew but these last few months have been rather hectic so it was overdue for a wash. But arriving at our normal car wash dive we found it closed for renovations. In fact it looks like the whole building is being torn down so we had no choice but to start trying out new car washes.

Today we decided to try the place called Carwash at the Stepping Stones between Honeydew and Sundowner, oh these names for car washes are so original. While the little Brio was being pampered we decided to have something light at Olive ‘n Twist, a continental cuisine restaurant. Well the food wasn’t up to scratch to write home about, Lynda had a chicken wrap which fell apart and was overdone with salad whereas I had a rather dry grilled chicken.

On top of the food not being up to scratch, a bee decided that it loved Lynda and her cordial. No matter how many times of whooshing it away, the bee always came back to her. Anyways at least her car enjoyed itself being pampered.

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