Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Rooster Valentine

In our hectic busy lives, it is important to stop every now and again and reflect what is important. Today is Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day depending what side of the bridge you on. At the end of a hectic busy Tuesday, I had booked a table at Lucios Pizzeria in Northcliff which in my humble opinion one of the best Italian restaurants in Johannesburg.

Arriving at Lucios we found the place packed and their seems to be a train smash in the kitchen as they were flooded with take away orders as well as being full to the brim. Knowing that there would be a long wait for our food, I ordered a focaccia with our drinks. The drinks arrived, then an hour and a half later our main course, somehow our starters got forgotten or never put through. The table next to us also never got their starters. I am not sure what happened but it seems that the kitchen battled to recover from the train smash with many customers waiting nearly 2 hours for their food. I know of one table walking out without getting their food and another, a take away customer telling the front of house staff to give their food to the car guards outside once the kitchen decides to make what they already paid for. Shame this might hurt Lucios.

Still an awesome restaurant in my opinion even if it looks like Lucios failed Valentine’s Day by taking on the flood of takeaways at the same time. For their sake let’s hope they learnt their lesson as I really do want to go back and try again, this time on a quieter more romantic evening.

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