Thursday, 9 February 2017

2 Be Breakfast

Yesterday morning, I got a call from Andy, one of the elders at my church to meet him for breakfast this morning at a small café called 2 Be in Epson Downs. Oh dear what have I done wrong was the first thought that raced through my mind. Later I thought, what the heck, trouble I am always in, just the depth varies mainly because I always have my foot in my mouth or it could be just a catch up breakfast to see how I am doing, now that I have been retrenched. More likely I hoped is that I could use it as a networking moment. Wow that last sentence is long and fast paced just as my mind was racing though many possibilities.

So we met for a lovely breakfast, and just caught up what is happening in my life and a bit of guidance as expected from an elder of the church. My future is in God’s hands, yes I am scared as I don’t see the bigger picture but all I have is that God is in control.

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